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  3. Without hesitation, Trini activated her Power Coin and became the first Yellow Mighty Morphin Power Ranger. Needless to say, after morphing into a Ranger, Trini made quick work of the Putties. She also took up the challenge that Zordon placed before her. Trini is chosen by Zordon to become the Yellow Ranger

In the 2017 film, which is a modern-day reboot of the original Power Rangers series, Trini is portrayed by Mexican-American singer Becky G. She is depicted more closely to as originally going for the television series as a Mexican female. Her portrayal has gained fame for being the first gay superhero in film Ohne Zögern hat Trini ihre Powermünzeaktiviert und wurde der erste Gelbe Mighty Morphin Power Ranger. Es muss wohl nicht extra erwähnt werden, dass Trini nach dem Morphing in einen Ranger,kurzen Prozes mit der Monsterpatrouillemachte. Sie nahm damit die Aufgabe an, die Zordonihr stellte Trini Kwan is the second Yellow Ranger of the Cenozoic Power Rangers team. Trini, the Yellow Power Ranger, is mysterious, but extremely bright. A loner who owns it, Trini is self-sufficient and contemplative, but always observant Umso besser also, dass mit der gelben Power Rangers-Figur Trini zum ersten Mal eine Superheldin lesbisch ist: Superhelden sind cool, sie sind Vorbilder und sie haben Einfluss auf Kinder und.. For the original TV version of this character, see Trini Kwan. For the version from the 2016 comic book, see Trini Kwan (2016 comic). Trini Kwan is the Yellow Ranger of the Power Rangers. 1 Character History 2 Video game appearances 2.1 Power Rangers Legacy Wars 3 Personality 4 Yellow Ranger 4.1 Arsenal 4.2 Zord 5 Powers and Abilities 6 Notes 6.1 Behind the Scenes 7 Appearances 8 See Also 9.

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube Thuy Trang (Vietnamese: Thùy Trang [tʰʷɪj˨˩ ʈaːŋ˧]; December 14, 1973 - September 3, 2001) was a Vietnamese-American actress. She was known for her role as Trini Kwan, the first Yellow Ranger on the original cast of the television series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.. Trang's father was a South Vietnamese army officer who fled the country in 1975 after the fall of Saigon, leaving. Power Rangers ist ein US-amerikanischer Superhelden-Film aus dem Jahr 2017. Regie führte Dean Israelite, das Drehbuch stammt von John Gatins. In Deutschland erschien der Film am 23. März 2017 in den Kinos Power Rangers ist eine US-amerikanische Fernsehserie von Haim Saban und Adaption der japanischen Super-Sentai-Serie, welche dem Tokusatsu-Genre angehört und zunächst ab 1993 von Fox Television, dann von Disney und seit 2011 für Nickelodeon produziert wird. Mittlerweile gibt es 26 Staffeln und drei Filme. Durch den Erfolg der Serie entstand auch ein umfangreicher Merchandise-Markt für.

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Trini Kwan is the first Yellow Ranger of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers team. She is a devoted spiritual martial artist. She is observant, intelligent, and, above all, patient. With her razor-sharp fighting skills and lightning fast reflexes, she's someone you don't want to mess with Trini, in her fancy new Dragon Armor, fills the role of the game's grappler. While playing neutral with her often requires a lot of patience and strong reads thanks to her weak mobility, she can turn most openings into pretty explosive damage. She's an exceptional anchor, sporting easy ways to dump meter and possibly the best Megazord usage in the game. While playing her on point can be. Thuy Trang, Actress: The Crow: City of Angels. Thuy Trang was born on December 14th of 1973 in Saigon, Vietnam. After the fall of Saigon in 1975 to Communist forces, her father who had fought in the Vietnam War, traveled to America to seek political asylum. However, his entire family, unable to follow, were left behind. In 1979, Thuy and her family boarded a cargo ship with other refugees to.

Power Rangers DVD and Blu-ray out now. Available on Digital HD on Amazon Video and iTunes. Five ordinary teens must become something extraordinary when they. While the rest of the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers are still back on Earth, Jason, Zack and Trini have all taken to the stars as Omega Rangers, where they're dealing with the arrival of a brand new, celestial-level threat called the Empyreal Trini Kwan is the Mighty Morphin Yellow Ranger. Trini Kwan was working out at Ernie's Juice Bar & Gym along with her friends. Suddenly the ground began to shake and Trini and her friends were transported to the Command Center. There awaited quite the sight, a blue head floating inside an energy tube. And even more incredibly, this being called Zordon, had selected them to become Power Rangers. Launching in September, the new Power Rangers comic will follow Jason, Trini, and Zack and Lord Drakkon! For those who aren't caught up on Power Rangers comics, here's a very quick rundown. While.. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (in der deutschen Fassung als Power Rangers ausgestrahlt) ist eine vom japanischen Sentai-Genre inspirierte US-amerikanische Fernsehserie mit 155 Episoden in 3 Staffeln, die zwischen 1993 und 1996 ausgestrahlt wurde. Die Serie wurde von Haim Saban und Shuki Levi entworfen und von Fox Television produziert. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (einschließlich der.

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New Power Rangers reboot will feature gay and trans rangers, Trini, coming to terms with her sexuality. Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter ahead of the film's release, director Dean. Jada Toys 253255026, 2002 Honda NSX Type-R, Spielzeugauto, Türen zum Öffnen, inkl. Die-cast Power Rangers Figur, Maßstab 1:24, grün Pop Power Rangers Trini Vinyl Figure 7,99 € *: 3,99 € Power Rangers 35,47 € * Proshop zuzüglich Versandkosten. Power Rangers - Blue Ranger Morphing Clear Pop Vinyl Funko 11,05 € *: 3,99 € Funko 12911-DZ-1FY Pop Vinyl, Mehrfarbig 6,99.

KARATE ACTION POWER RANGERS - KARATE CHOPPIN' TRINI Yellow Ranger - 1994 Bandai . $8.98. $10.95 + $7.95 shipping . Power Rangers Karate Choppin Trini 8 Size Action Figure . $5.00 0 bids + shipping . Karate Choppin Trini Karate Action Yellow Ranger Power Rangers 1994 Bandai. $7.00 + shipping . Bandai VINTAGE 1994 Yellow Ranger Trini 8 Morphin Power Figure Nice Condition . $17.99. Free. Power Rangers -Now Playing in Theaters! Get tickets now: http://powerrange.rs/tickets #PowerRangersMovie #ItsMorphinTime https://Facebook.com/PowerRangersMov.. Sep 24, 2017 - i'm pretty sure i'm a super hero. See more ideas about Trini kwan, Yellow aesthetic, Hufflepuff aesthetic

Eine Fortsetzung zu Power Rangers wird es aller Wahrscheinlichkeit nach nicht geben. Trotz positiver Kritiken und einem soliden US-Startergebnis stellte der Film für das Produktionsstudio Lionsgate nicht der erhoffte finanzielle Erfolg ein. Weltweit konnte der Film zwar 142 Millionen Dollar einspielen, den Einnahmen stehen jedoch Produktionskosten von 100 Millionen Dollar gegenüber - die. When Power Rangers morphs onto the screen this Friday, there are a lot of moments for viewers to see themselves reflected on the big screen. One of those moments comes in Trini, played by Becky G. Power Rangers Reboot. The character of Trini returned for the live-action reboot of Power Rangers, but she did receive some changes. This Trini is played by actress Becky G, and is much more of a.

For those who are unfamiliar, Trini Kwan (played by the late actress Thuy Trang) was one of the original Power Rangers before departing after season two. Trini's combat skills focused on quick. Power Rangers; Trini Kwan's funeral, I don't own the power rangers characters bur I do own some other characters who might pop up in the story.. I just thought up this story since I seen a clip about Kimberly leaving the Power rangers so I thought up this one-shot story of the day when The power rangers learn that one of their old friends had passed away. Angel Grove, California: 1996. It was. The former, primary leader of the Power Rangers, the one that returned as the first Gold ranger of Earth, dazedly continued to walk own the hall. In the wee hours of the morning, the staff was in his presence. They couldn't stomach to watch how tormented he looked. He was still reeling from the unforeseen state of his Trini. He dropped to his knees finally, he felt weak, like his link with. T-Shirts, Poster, Sticker, Wohndeko und mehr zum Thema Trini in hochwertiger Qualität von unabhängi.. Riesenauswahl an Markenqualität. Ranger Power gibt es bei eBay

Trini, along with Jason and Zack, was selected to attend. Trini had served the Rangers well and, with Zordon's blessing, she transferred her power to Aisha Campbell and left for the world Peace Summit. Personality . Trini is a bit of a tomboy, but can also be girly, and the second most mathematical and scientific of the original Rangers, next to Billy Cranston. She alone was able to understand. Trini Kwan ist der Gelbe Waldläufer in Power Rangers. Sie wird von der verstorbenen vietnamesischen Schauspielerin Thuy Trang porträtiert. Trini wurde ursprünglich von der amerikanischen Schauspielerin Tricia Leigh Fisher porträtiert , später von der hispanisch-amerikanischen Schauspielerin Audri Dubois in der unaired Pilotfolge, aber als die Show für das Fernsehen aufgenommen wurde. Trinity Trini Kwan is a fictional character in the Power Rangers universe, portrayed by Vietnamese actress Thuy Trang, and then by Ellen Wong after Trang's death. As a child, she is played by Pia Manalo The character of Trini returned for the live-action reboot of Power Rangers, but she did receive some changes. This Trini is played by actress Becky G, and is much more of a loner than the previous..

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Played by the late Thuy Trang in the first two seasons of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, Trini ultimately departed alongside the original Red and Black Rangers, Jason and Zack, to attend a peace.. Check out our power rangers trini selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops Contents[show] Plot Summary Trini Kwan, the Yellow Ranger, passes away in the battle while fighting against Malgor. How will her good friends and team mates react right after her passing? Chapter 1: Goodbye, Trini Narrator: The Ranger Teens were at the Power Chamber cleaning up their injuries from the final battle they fought in. Tommy: Man, those giant monsters can pick a real big fight.

I look at Trini, the original yellow ranger of MMPR, as also the greatest yellow ranger in PR history. Don't get me wrong, Aisha and Tanya had their moments, but original triumphs for this ranger color. If some fans do not know, Thuy Trang had portrayed the yellow ranger for the entire first season and half of the season 2. The sad thing was, many Sentai and PR fans had laughed and even. Trini kwan the original yellow power ranger. 3.1K likes. trini kwan played by thuy trang. trini is quiet and honourable person. she believes in a fair fight, and has practice the mantis style of kung..

Trini was the first Yellow Ranger of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Retroactively, She is also referred to as the Mighty Morphin Yellow Ranger or Yellow Mighty Morphin Ranger, though these are in reference to the show, as opposed to proper labels. Trini Kwan was working out at Ernie's Juice.. power rangers power rangers 2017 kimberly hart billy cranston jason scott trini power rangers zack taylor pride pride month aesthetic bisexual pansexual demisexual lesbian asexual trimberly trini x kimberly trinikim cranscott color aesthetic these did not turn out how I wanted but it's all good but hey there's space flags. 3,744 notes Reblog. 5. Power Ranger Harry Potter AU. xx-shlimazl-xx. Bio: A shy and lonely girl, Trini just recently move to Town and as such, she has trouble to fit in. Her antisocial antics make her a Freak amongs her clasmates, and even gets her in trouble sometime. In one unfortunaly event, she was humiliated in front of the class by one of the popular girls who tricked her Billy widened his eyes in alarm when the military soldier spoke of Trini Kwan being a power ranger. Turning his body to face the soldier he was about tell his lie when the soldier spoke first

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Power Rangers (2017) Becky G as Trini (Yellow Ranger) Trini : Jason, we're not even Power Rangers yet. Billy Cranston : I say we go back to Zordon. Jason Lee Scott : Okay, the only reason Zordon wanted us to become Power Rangers is so that he can come back to life She was best known for her role as Trini Kwan, the first Yellow Ranger on the original cast of the television series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Billy detonates explosives to break some rock, attracting the attention of Jason, Kimberly and nearby students Trini and Zack. In the city of Angel Grove, California, five teenagers, Jason Lee Scott, Zack Taylor, Billy Cranston, Trini Kwan, and. Dragon Armor Trini Character Bio. When the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers were viciously attacked by the Black Dragon, a power Zord from another dimension with the capability to warp Ranger powers, they were in the fight of their lives. After he was defeated Trini was able to refashion the Zord into a powerful suit of enhanced armor. Author's Note This page is about the incarnation of Trini from the 2017 movie. The mainstream version can be found here: Trini Kwan. Trini Kwan is the tertartagonistof the 2017 reboot film Power Rangers. She was portrayed by Becky Gomez. 1 Character History 2 Personality 3 Powers and Abilities 4 Gallery 4.1 Images 5 Navigation Trini Kwan is a Hispanic teenager, who often distance herself from others.

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Power Rangers: Trini, Zack and Jason, Oud-Beijerland. 225 likes · 8 talking about this. It's Morphin time Ficha by Trini de los power rangers, released 16 April 2018 1. Aires Puros 2. Las partículas elementales de Ethan Hawke 3. Al arco 4. Gelatina 5. Cuarto Menguante 6. Jessica Alegría 7. Apéndice Segunda guitarra y voz: Trinidad Abalos. Primera guitarra: Leandro Armonelli. Bajo: Hernán Romagnoli. Teclado, sintetizadores y ruidillos espaciales: Ismael Verde Trini (Power Rangers 2017) Jason Lee Scott; Billy Cranston; Zack Taylor; Fluff and Humor; Character Study; Teen Angst; Eventual Romance; Slow Burn; Slow Build; Friends to Lovers; Friendship; Summary. A Trimberly fic which focuses on their highschool lives and personal issues rather than being centered around training or Ranger shenanigans (partly because I suck at writing action scenes, but. Amazon.de - Kaufen Sie Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - Die komplette Saga günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details zu einer vielseitigen Blu-ray- und DVD-Auswahl - neu und gebraucht

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power rangers bblecher chewieblog userstream cinemapix tvandfilm tvedit filmedit mighty morphin power rangers mmpr power rangers 2017 predit powerrangersedit mmpredit these scenes were v hard to gif :(switched trini n billy to match the show's order Entdecke die Filmstarts Kritik zu Power Rangers von Dean Israelite: Kaum ein popkulturelles Phänomen der 80er und 90er Jahre bleibt von der aktuellen Reboot- und Fortsetzungsmanie Hollywoods.

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Hochwertige Kissen & Kissenbezüge zum Thema Power Rangers von unabhängigen Künstlern und Designern aus aller Welt. Alle Bestellungen sind Sonderanfertigungen und werden meist innerhalb von 24 Stunden versendet Cookies helfen uns bei der Bereitstellung von Power Rangers Wiki. Durch die Nutzung von Power Rangers Wiki erklärst du dich damit einverstanden, dass wir Cookies speichern. Weitere Informationen. Episode:Trini in Not. Aus Power Rangers Wiki. Wechseln zu: Navigation, Suche. Trini lernt die Kung-Fu-Technik der Gottesanbeterin. Und da schickt Rita ihr Heuschreckenmonster auf die Erde, um Trini. For Trini, really she's While none of this has been confirmed by the studio just yet, diversifying the Power Rangers universe to include more gay, bi, trans, and queer characters would be. Sep 22, 2019 - Me and four kids found a spaceship buried underground. I'm pretty sure I'm a superhero. See more ideas about Power rangers, Yellow aesthetic, Trini kwan Trini Kwan - Yellow Ranger (1) Aisha Campbell - Yellow Ranger (2) Kimberly Ann Hart - Pink Ranger (1) Kat Hillard - Pink Ranger (2) Tommy Oliver - Green Ranger(temporary second in command)/White Ranger(leader since becoming the White Ranger) Bulk - Purple Ranger Skull - Orange Ranger All New Power Rangers Britt - All-New Red Ranger(second in command/secondary leader) Kimberly Ann Hart - All.

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Power Rangers ein Film von Dean Israelite mit Dacre Montgomery, RJ Cyler. Inhaltsangabe: Die Teenager Jason (Dacre Montgomery), Kimberly (Naomi Scott), Billy (RJ Cyler), Trini (Becky G.) und Zack. Die erste Staffel der US-amerikanischen Action-Serie Power Rangers wurde zum ersten Mal zwischen dem 28. August 1993 und dem 23. Mai 1994 auf Fox Kids aus.. The digestion of the other Rangers in his gut is making room for dessert, and Trini is a treat he cannot resist.Inks by StanislavColors by ChisScript by BrittanyEdited by Nyte*8 pages including cover; unwilling soft vore, graphic digestion* Edit product . $15. Mighty Vorin' Power Rangers: Trini. By Nyte Comics With Kimberly Hart reduced to soup in Pudgy Pig's stomach and the other Rangers. Actresses Naomi Scott and Becky G, who play Kimberly the Pink Ranger and Trini the Yellow Ranger Trini, weren't fans of Power Rangers, as they were born during its debut era (the 1990s), but they became aware of the theme of the movie by their family members. Scott would play Power Rangers with her brother as a kid, and Becky learned about Power Rangers from her cousin. Edit. Report This. K.J. Check out our trini power rangers selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops

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Power Rangers 2017 Imagines, Preferences, and Oneshots Fanfiction. Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the very first Power Rangers book! Now, this is all formed in imagines, preferences, and oneshots! I will take requests, whether it be lemons or not. I'm just so happy to finally be publishing these, so read to your.. [[Power Rangers]] 2017 ganzer film STREAM deutsch KOMPLETT Online Power Rangers 2017Complete Film Deutsch, Power Rangers Online Kostenlos, Ganzer Film Power Rangers Complete Stream Deutsch, Power Rangers Ganzer Film Deutsch Die Teenager Jason, Kimberly, Billy, Trini und Zack haben nichts miteinander zu tun, außer zufällig auf dieselbe Schule im Städtchen Angel Grove zu gehen 1994 - Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - Trini : Yellow Ranger Action Figure - With Real Morphing Action - Tattoo Included - Rare - Ban Dai - Limited Edition - Mint in Package - Collectible Product information Product Dimensions 2.5 x 1 x 5 inches Item Weight 4 ounces ASIN B000L7RJHE Item model number 2314 Manufacturer recommended age 4 years and up Best Sellers Rank #430,684 in Toys & Games (See. Billy & Trini mention they will be working on the Dragonzord after school. At lunch the Zack, Billy, Jason, Trini, & Kimberly are sitting together. gesetzl. Als Katherine neu in die Stadt Angel Grove kommt, beeinflusst Rita sie durch einen Zauber gegen die Power Rangers und nimmt dabei den Falkenzord und Ninjor gefangen. Er taucht erstmals in der zweiten Staffel auf, um Ritas Auftrag, die Erde. Action-Spektakel um eine Gruppe Teenager mit Superkräften: Fünf ganz normale Schüler einer amerikanischen Kleinstadt-Highschool werden auserwählt und mit einzigartigen Fähigkeiten ausgestattet...

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The Power Rangers franchise began its impressive run in the early '90s with Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, giving the audience a color-coded team of young people who just wanted to do some good.The Red Ranger was the team leader, the Black Ranger was his second-in-command, the Yellow Ranger was the consistently supportive force, the Blue Ranger was the reluctant hero with the technical know-how. Power Rangers (SciFi-Film) USA | HKG | J | MEX | CDN | NZ/2017 am 25.10.2020 um 16:55 Uhr im TV-PROGRAMM: alle Infos, alle Sendetermin Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Vol. 3 von Kyle Higgins. Reihen: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Vol. 3), Power Rangers. Mitglieder: Rezensionen: Beliebtheit: Durchschnittliche Bewertung: Diskussionen: 13: 1: 1,172,819 (4.2) Keine: Tommy and Billy are lost in a mysterious land without their powers. With the world reeling after Rita's attacks, Jason, Kimberly, Zack, Trini, and Alpha 5 must do all. Trini ist eine ehrenvolle, ruhige und spirituelle Person. Sie Kämpft stehts Fair und gerecht. Im Kung Fu trainiert sie meist den Kampfstil der Gottesanbeterin. Obwohl sie sehr ruhig und zurückhaltend ist, ist sie sehr willensstark und mutig. Wie Jason und Zack verlies auch Trini das Team um bei der Friedenskonferenz dabei zu sein. Zordon gab ihr die Säbelzahntiger Powermünze und den. Trini Kwan | Power Rangers Wiki | Fandom. Games Movies TV Video. Wikis. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? Register Start a Wiki. Power Rangers Wiki. 1,817 Pages. Add new page. Wiki Content. Recently Changed Pages . Auxillary Rangers; Power Rangers Dino Charge: The Next Generation; Power Rangers Dino Supercharge.

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Common Knowledge People/Characters Trini Kwan. Figuren/Charaktere: Trini Kwan. Figuren/Charaktere nach Umschlag : Werke (5) Titel: Reihenfolge: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Vol. 1 von Kyle Higgins: Yellow Ranger : Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Vol. 2 von Kyle Higgins: Yellow Ranger: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Vol. 3 von Kyle Higgins: Yellow Ranger: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Vol. 4 von Kyle. Find great deals on eBay for power ranger trini. Shop with confidence Many were left wondering whether the Trini revelation in Power Rangers would cause the same sort of controversy, but the country's board decided Wednesday that the film would not be censored

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Episode 0: Day of the Dumpster (Pilot) 05/22/1999 Episode 1: Day Of The Dumpster 08/28/1993 After ten thousand years, Rita Repulsa and her goons are free and they plan to conquer Earth. But, Zordon and Alpha learn about the danger and recruit a team of teenagers with attitude -- the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers! Episode 2: High Five 09/07/1993 As the kids climb to the top o Photo of Trini Kwan for fans of The Power Rangers 3789738

Trini's evil clone. Evil Trini (Thuy Trang; 1973-2001) is a villainess from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.She was one of five evil Power Ranger clones created by Rita Repulsa to destroy the Rangers' reputations. In the case of the Trini clone, she and the clones of Zack, Billy, and Kimberly were Putties, while the Jason clone was Rita's latest monster, known as Twin Man At Progress 2015, Edward Snowden, Scott Ludlam and Elaine Pearson discuss Australia's national and global surveillance state and how we can and must build a stronger movement to protect our freedoms in the digital age Finden Sie Top-Angebote für Power Rangers Trini Yellow Ranger (No Helmet) POP Television #674 Vinyl Figure bei eBay. Kostenlose Lieferung für viele Artikel David Yost, the gay actor who played the original Blue Ranger in the '90s TV series Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, approves of the tweak to Trini's character, originally played by deceased. Power Rangers - der Film - Inhalt, Bilder, Kritik, Trailer, Kinostart-Termine und Bewertung | cinema.d

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