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bts click and drag bts taehyung suga bts screenshots jimin jin v jhope rap monster bts scenarios bts hats snapbacks bts fanfic fluff bts fanfic yoongi bts fake texts bts fluff bts smut bts college college!au bts spring day not today bts jin bts suga min yoongi bts v bts jimin click and drag kpo BLOG DEDICATED TO BTS CLICK & DRAG GAMES enjoy. 48 notes | reblog. 5,242 notes | reblog. 103 notes | reblog. 127 notes | reblog. VALENTINE'S DAY With BTS. 2pm-got7-bigbang-desar-hikari217: How was your Valentine's Day with BTS members? Well, Let me Know! ^_^ Enjoy and Love them <3. 1- SENDS TO YOU A SWEET, CUTE & LOVELY MESSAGE. 2- HE ASKS FIRST TO HAVE A DATE BUT YOU REJECT HIM . 3- SOON. Your interactions with BTS may be tense, but if you can hold your own these demons may come to be attracted to your bite and offer their help to you time and time again. Fallen - As a fallen angel, you never quite get over the fact that you are no longer in the same good graces you used to be.You did one misguided bad thing to fall from grace and are now, unfortunately stuck in places.

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BTS Click and Drag Fanfiction. If you want to take a few moments to escape reality. #bangtan #bts #clickanddrag #clickdrag #hoseok #jhope #jimin #jin #jungkook #minsuga #namjoon #rapmonster #seok #suga #taehyung #yoongi. 1. Transfer Student 1.2K 16 177. by gyunyu098. by gyunyu098 Follow. Share. Share via Email Report Story Send. Send to Friend . Share. Share via Email Report Story You in the. BTS click and drag - On the club with bts Someone will pick you up at your house and then you will have a sort of time with the group at the club. I hope you like it and...Have fun BTS Click and Drag/Screenshot game #2- Who will you?-AJamlessChimChim Hey! I see you've stopped by my Click and Drag. Please check out my first click and drag that I've done. Who will be the.. HOW TO PLAY: 1. Left click on the GIF 2. Do not let go and drag to the side 3. Do these for every situation given Example: Who is the BTS member..

BTS Click & Drag Game - High School Edition. Filed under bts bangtan boys k-pop click and drag click and drag game bangtan boys bulletproof boy scouts kpop j-hope hoseok jimin jungkook jeongkook jin namjoon rapmonster rapmon V taehyung suga yoongi seokjin dating game fun. princepanda97 reblogged this from multitasker-ra. murasakimasquerade reblogged this from unloyal-jongdae. moonagi liked. BTS ~ Wedding click and drag. Tags: bts bts click and drag getting married click and drag. Photoset. February 18, 2020 4 notes. Btob ~ Wedding click and drag . Tags: BtoB btob click and drag getting married click and drag. Photoset. February 18, 2020 15 notes. Ateez ~ Wedding Click and drag. Tags: ateez click and drag ateez getting married click and drag. Photoset. November 20, 2019 16 notes. BTS Click and Drag by gyunyu098. BTS Click and Drag Table of contents. Foreword 1. Transfer Student 2. Dance 3. Late night study 4. Grocery shopping 5. Group project 6. Facetime pt. 1 7. Facetime Pt.2 8. Bully 9. Living with Bangtan 10. Childhood years 11. Special Chapter 12. Hugs and cuddles New Reading List . Vote. YOU ARE READING. BTS Click and Drag Fanfiction. If you want to take a few. BTS Click & Drag Game ♛ѕιyeon ♕ 07/14/15 . 104. 41. Cause to make these: boredom XD. Go ahead and screenshot, I wonder who'll you get. I might make an Infinite one in the future because there's not a lot of them. Or later. Maybe tomorrow? :smirk: EDIT: I ADDED NEW ONES. Share to. Copied; Likes (104) Comments (41) Copied; Likes (104) Like 104. Comments (41) Minnah0808. The last was. BTS COLLEGE CLICK AND DRAG *request and I'll make you one. MASTERLIST. bts click and drag bts taehyung suga bts screenshots jimin jin v jhope rap monster bts scenarios bts hats snapbacks bts fanfic fluff bts fanfic yoongi bts fake texts bts fluff bts smut bts college college!au bts spring day not today bts jin bts suga min yoongi bts v bts.

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Find GIFs with the latest and newest hashtags! Search, discover and share your favorite Bts Click And Drag GIFs. The best GIFs are on GIPHY I did the BTS Demon AU Click adn Drag made by @dibidibidismynameisjhope. Part 1 - Demon AU. What are you? Witch (Whoop Whoop! The most common type of demon hunter) Weapon of Choice? Enchanted Item (So I'm a range fighter rather than a close quarters one) Speciality? Kill Me, Heal Me (With these first three things I sound like a Cleric in RPG games) Welcomes you to hell: Jungkook (I KNEW IT. kpop click and drag click and drag masterlist kpop kpop games exo nuest bts vixx u-kiss cross gene b1a4 vav seventeen wanna one got7 2pm halo ikon nct a.c.e a-cian astro snuper knk monsta x infinite kfanfic exo click and drag bts click and drag

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  1. BTS click and drag senarios best friend's friend's crush (school AU) Lost in the ocean. Your best friend, (best friend), Has allways been there to listen to you mumbling about your crush, , who had actually no interest in you. But.
  2. g Together; 13 Life with BTS; 14 Seng Il Chu Ka Hae! 15 Those Days; 16 Stay With Me; 17 Let's Go To The Beach-eac; 18 Fansigning; 19 Normal day with the boys; 20 ehey gurl ;) 21.
  3. EXO Demon Click and Drag(This is my first attempt at a click and drag. I don't know if i'll keep making them but enjoy this one. Go easy on me I tried.) EXO & BTS Reactions. All original works on this blog are protected by the license above. Latest: Children of the Gods: Final Chapter | Masterlist | Contact me at: My Twitter. Posts Masterlist About Hannah About Heather. EXO Demon Click and.
  4. See more clickanddrag GIF! Create and share your own clickanddrag GIFs, with Gfyca
  5. bts suga bts jungkook bts rm bts jin bts jhope bts army vampire vampire AU vampire bts click and drag. 22 notes. 22 notes Sep 4th, 2018. Open in app; Facebook; Tweet; Reddit; Mail; Embed; Permalink ; daydreamersblog liked this.
  6. Tags: kpop click and drag click and drag bts bts click and drag zombie click and drag shadow517 liked this perrie-nadpon liked thi
  7. bts | camping c&d requested more & more INDEX ASK SUBMIT ARCHIVE . Home main page About the blogger Social Networking Sites follow me Guidelines rules Masterlist links. Jun 06 . Nou 149 notes. chansgf. bts | camping c&d. requested kpop kpop click and drag click and drag bts bts click and drag bts imagine camping au Post notes: floridelpino liked this . journey00002 liked this.


  1. BTS click and drag senarios Danger (urban AU) Lost in the ocean (In this story, each guys have a role so make sure to never get the same one.) The guys have been feeling down for a while and you could easily notice that by the way (song writer) was having a hard time writing their next song. He kept tapping on his notebook and looking around. After a while, his eyes landed on you as you listen.
  2. Jin Seokjin J-Hope Hoseok V Taehyung click and drags kpop click and drags
  3. bts click and drag kpop bts click and drag kpop click and drag. 17 notes Jul 17th, 2016. Open in app; Facebook; Tweet; Reddit; Mail; Embed; Permalink.
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stray kids stray kids click and drag click and drag kpop click and drag bang chan chan Kim Woojin woojin lee know lee minho changbin seo changbin hyunjin hwang hyunjin han han jisung felix rosier lee felix seungmin kim seungmin i.n Yang jeongi Road Trip w/ Exo - click and drag! *** Please ask before you put one of my click and drags on another site and please don't break it up and use pieces of it for you own click and drags

Thanks for doing this BTS click and drag. Sadly this is the end of #1. If you want you can message me some questions and I'll add them in #2. I'll give credit to you guys :) ️ . #bts v; #bts jimin; #bts jungkook; #bts jin; #bts jhope; #bts suga; #bts rap monster; #bts namjoon; #bts taehyung; #bts seokjin; #bts hoseok; #bts yoongi ; #bts; #bangtan sonyeondan; #bts click and drag; #bts. BTS Vampire Click and drag game. This is my first BTS click and drag game i did. I hope you guys like it n_n also a little credit to my friend Max aka wydhobi for helping me with the text. ☆ Credit Dirty-jamjam17 ☆ Please do not repos BTS(Bangtan Boys) click and drag #14 camping with BTS-place-prepare many games (all games are his ideas) -prepare for BBQ(food) with-prepare for camp fire-who start singing and end-up everyone sing along to -give you blanket make keep you warn-he let you lay your head on his shoulder -sleep in same tent with -confess to you after the camp (he like you) (all cr. myself) Tagged: #Click and drag. bts bts click and drag kpop click and drag click and drag screenshot taehyung suga bts screenshots jimin jin v jhope rap monster bts scenarios bts fanfic fluff bts fanfic yoongi bts fake texts bts fluff bts smut bts spring day you never walk alone bts suga min yoongi bts yoongi bts v bts jin bts jimin bts jhope bts rap monster. 452 notes . 452 notes Mar 16th, 2017. Open in app; Facebook; Tweet.

BTS(Bangtan Boys) click and drag #33 fun date (a.k.a bus date a.k.a exhibition date)with BTS4th time with story!!! Hope you like it :) and sorry if my English are wrong and btw sorry for my laziness.. Bangtan Boys Click and Drag Game ! index message random archive theme. INACTIVE. ASK BOX IS CLOSED.All games are made by me unless stated otherwise. Enjoy :) Bangtan Boys Click and Drag Game ! shared March 22, 2014 - 436 notes #bts#bangtan boys#v#rap mon#jungkook#jimin#jhope#suga#jin#click and drag#kpop. ajumierose liked this . xnmx liked this . braveryxpain liked this . radioactivenamjin. BTS/EXO Life [Click and Drag] Started by BeachAngel , Jan 18 2015 09:50 PM. Page 1 of 3 ; 1; 2; 3; Next; This topic has been archived. This means that you cannot reply to this topic. 45 replies to this topic #1 BeachAngel BeachAngel. Live,Laugh,Love. Banned 4,072 posts Posted 18 January 2015 - 09:50 PM . I Suggest you screen shot but 99.9% of the time you will get luhan . Then make your story.

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  1. Please don't be shy people request away I don't bite if you don't want a click and drag then go over to my main blog to request an imagine: @kpop-imagines-247 P.S. I just adore these concept photos ~Zero. bts click and drag kpop click and drag click and drag bangtang sonyeondan beyond the scene bts imagines bts scenarios bts request. 124 notes. 124 notes Jul 20th, 2017. Open in app.
  2. d me. XD I just wanted to try my own click & drag game (yeah lame, I know) because I was bored and I needed a break from summer studying. For some reason,..
  3. Bts Click And Drag Game Average ratng: 3,9/5 472 reviews. These scenarios will be based on Auburn's Perfect Two. Imagine that whoever you chose, sang those lines for you. 'You can be the peanut butter to my jelly.' 'You can be the butterflies I feel in my belly.' Apr 17, 2017 - Easter with Bangtan screenshot game ^_^. Note: Since I'm such a weirdo, I couldn't help but give this click and drag.
  4. Click and Drag - BTS school edition II. NOTE: you tutor means you're the tutor of dragged idol. It is not a misspelling of the word your. Tags: bts bts click and drag kpop kpop click and drag click and drag mycandd bangtan bangtan boys school click and drag school. rain-and-dasies liked this . taesgfwifehoeeverything reblogged this from kpoppingsituations. mad0x-jvde-blog liked.
  5. 13-dic-2017 - Zapraszam do przeczytania jednej z pierwszych książek na polskim Wattpadzie z Bts click and drag. Zasady: Jeśli chcesz zagrać a jesteś na komputerze musisz prz..
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  7. juhaknyeon ju hak-nyeon hwall hoo hyun-joon sunwoo kim sun-woo eric son young-ja

probs alr posted b4 but yolo! posting it again if it has been bc i love click and drags (your god parent) my results: My Brother: V/Taehyung My God Parent: Ares (God of War, battlelust, etc) Becomes my BFF: Kai My Enemies: Chen and LuHan (cries softly) Gets Eaten by a Dragon: LuHan (thats what u. BTS Click and Drag!! Series . 4 years ago / 424 notes. #bts click and drag, #click and drag, #bts, #jungkook, #taehyung, #suga, #rap monster, #jin, #jimin, #jhope, #first click and drag, #kpop click and drag, draykkobeauty reblogged this from winnie-the-woo. only-bts-reblogs liked this . geeohmydear reblogged this from winnie-the-woo. radioactivenamjin-blog liked this . lunaamethysts reblogged. EXO - Life/School Click and Drag *** Please ask before you put one of my click and drags on another site and please don't break it up and use pieces of it for you own click and drags. exo my edits click and drag exo click and drag exo-m exo-k kai jongin baekhyun xiumin minseok suho tao kris wu yifan luhan sehun chanyeol chen jongdae lay yixin This is just a place where I reblog click and drag game I like :) Thanks to all their creators for the fun! (via petitetiaras) — 7 years ago with 21116 notes # click and drag game # disney # animation (Source: kimberlyn-breanne) — 7 years ago with 409 notes.

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This week on Instant Influencer, the artists are challenged to create their ultimate drag transformation. Winner of RuPauls Drag Race Trixie Mattel joins u.. bangtan | police officers au (click & drag) requested let me know what you get!

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filed under: #bts #bangtan boys #bts imagines #bts click and drag #kpop click and drag #click and drag #bts games #BTS rap monster #bts j hope #BTS jimin #BTS jin #BTS jungkook #BTS suga #BTS v #taehyung #jimin #seokjin #jin #j hope #jungkook #suga #min yoongi #bts sleepover #bts cute imagin BTS Click & Drag ~ Special thanks to @ivisualitae for helping me brainstorm ideas ~Admin C. 4 years ago, 25/05/16 | 140 notes #I actually made this for admin k #I hope she likes it #it's my first time making one of these but I hope you guys enjoy it too! #if you want me to make more let me know! #kpop click and drag #click and drag #bts click and drag #bts #j-hope #hoseok #hobi #admin c. tag your answers we love reading them bts click and drag kpop cad cad bts click and drag dna bts dna soulmate soulmate au bts au bangtan kpop kpop au kpop soulmate au fate au kpop dna. taectless. 10 notes. taectless: taectless: good luck to every european army who is trying to get hold of a ticket today! we are all in this together so be nice to each other! guys the suspense is killing me i.

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Reblog bangtan bangtan boys bts click and drag kpop click and drag mines rap monster suga jin jungkook taehyung j hope jimin slabts. 5 years ago with 473 notes. Reblog got 7 click and drag kpop click and drag mines jackson jackson wang mark mark tuan youngjae choi youngjae bam bam bambam Yugyeom jr jb slag7 got7. 5 years ago with 77 notes. Reblog block b click and drag kpop click and drag. BTS Love Game Warning: Flashing Images!!! Summary: This is a Click and Drag game So Choose Wisely. Then again with all of these cute boys how could you lose? Your childhood Bestfriends.The One Who.. Kpop Click and Drag Games. A bunch of Kpop Click n' Drag games! If there's an specific group (or game/scenario) you want, feel free to ask, I don't mind taking requests ^^ Ask. Ashley theme by Jxnblk. ~Day at the Amusement Park w/ BTS~ *Click and Drag Game* **This is really just like a test one to see if people actually like them? but I was playing these and most were the same so I kinda wanted to make some unique ones to put out there with a little more detail and maybe make it into a randomized scenario deal eventually let me know what you think or if you have an idea for one to make. I love click and drags and i want to still post them but i won't be that active. Thank you for following me and have a super nice day! Thank you for following me and have a super nice day! Also now you the requests are going to be open for a bit (I'm kinda lacking of some inspiration and if you want you can send some ideas or things you would like to see in this blog

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this tumblr is kinda dead ngl — BTS COLLEGE CLICK AND DRAG

bts; click&drag; fun; game; Page 3 of 3 < Prev 1 2 3. Chanyoda Newbie. Joined: Mar 10, 2016 Messages: 67 Likes Received: 55 Currency: 0. Spoiler: SCENARIO 1: LIFE WITH BTS Best Friend: J-Hope. BTS and BIGBANG click and drag. Date . Outfit (girl) Outfit (Him) Food. Who you go with - Admin Cat&Kyoul Alpha . bts bts click and drag bts jimin bts jungkook bts rap monster bts suga bts v bts jin bts jhope bigbang bigbang click and drag bigbang taeyang BIGBANG GD bigbang top bigbang seungri Bigbang Daesung click and drag

SEVENTEEN CLICK & DRAG / SCREENSHOT GAME. a day at the beach with seventeen ! reblog / 132 notes. December 12 2017 I love this blog way too much!! - eevee3553. thank u for the love, despite my inactivity!!! i'm going to try to make more c&d's very soon- since it's been a long LONG while since i last posted. - cc. reblog / 1 note. April 07 2017 SEVENTEEN click&drag/screenshot game. I click on the conversation with 'RapMon' and stare; emoticons. Rows and rows of emoticons from my side of the conversation fill the screen, while 'RapMon' s messages vary from professional to downright flirty. I Should be squeezing and rejoicing over one of my fav ships but Instead I only feel a growing malaise here we go again with a new Click & Drag <3 Time for your wedding with your chosen one in BTS is coming ;-) Hope you like it! ( As always sorry for my english :-) ) Enjoy and love them! <3. 1- AT LAST YOUR WEDDING DAY IS COME. YOU'RE SO EXCITED WHILE YOU'RE GETTING READY TO MEET YOUR GROOM ( and you feel like you're in a dream ). YOUR. Windows 10 wouldn't let me click and drag. I found a fix this problem irritating problem. Not sure if this will work for everyone but I thought I'd share: Open Windows explorer or file explorer, left click and hold a file you want to click and drag. While holding left click, hit the escape button. Then release left click. You should be able to click and drag now. Hope this helps! After. School Days: With BTS. Here's the new click and drag guys. I'm not sure that i'm extremely happy with it but I like it enough to share it with you. Enjoy guys!-Hannah. Tagged with . bts; bangtan; bangtan boys; bangtan sonyeondan; rapmon; jin; jhope; suga; jimin; taehyung; jungkook; click and drag; kpop click and drag ; bts click and drag; Posted on 15 December 2016 at 0:43 (3 years ago.

NCT U CLICK AND DRAG. 1. Your bestfriend. 2. Your boyfriend. 3. Your ex. 4. Have crush on you. 5. Hates you. 6. Your chairmate. 7. Your squad (Pick two) 8. Your childhood friend but secretly fall in love with you. 9. Your enemy's boyfriend. 10. (BONUS) Your future boyfriend. 42 notes | 7:48am 16 Apr 2016 Tagged: #smrookies #kpop #kpop games #kpop click and drag #nct #nct u #nct click and. first click & drag because I saw someone want it and was like aYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY LESSGOOO + put your results in the tags? + PLEASE DO NOT REPOST. stray kids click and drag lee felix bang chan hwang hyunjin yang jeongin seo changbin kim woojin han jisung lee minho kim seungmin chan felix hyunjin jeongin changbin woojin jisung minho seungmin stray kids gfx *mine *gfx *click&drag 467 notes. Voltron season 3 click-and-drag! (the planets mentioned are the ones from the season finale) voltron voltron legendary defender lance (vld) takashi shirogane keith kogane hunk garrett pidge gunderson katie holt allura coran thace ulaz lotor theres so many to tag omg the planets are the ones mentioned from the flashback!!! vld spoilers vld season 3 idk if this counts as spoilers so many new.

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Since I downloaded Windows 10 yesterday I have lost the ability to click and drag. I cannot select with the mouse, I can't even CLICK with it, I have to tap my touch pad. I can't select and drag anything whatsoever, which also means that I can't move windows, tabs, or even pictures around in Word. This means that I can't move or resize tables. CLICK & DRAG KPOP. Inspired by these meme/games, this is just a blog for fun little meme/games. The ask is open to suggestions and requests for groups, because the admins admit we are biased. There is no harm intended: everything is done in the name of good fun and silliness, so have fun and enjoy! note: this is a sideblog, so you can follow and keep up to date, so we can't follow back! YOUR.

️The app BTS Wallpapers Fan KPOP includes cute and high quality wallpapers for ARMY fans. BTS Wallpapers is a huge collection of many different backgrounds for fans of the popular K-Pop band. In our application you can find cute wallpapers of the members: RM, Jin, SUGA, J-Hope, Jimin, V, Jungkook. ️With our application you can set the wallpaper on your lock screen and the desktop. BTS. Jul 14, 2019 - Click to close image, click and drag to move. Use arrow keys for next and previous Tagged BTS, Come Back Home, J-Hope, Jimin, Jin, Jungkook, Rap Monster, Suga, V Post navigation. MAMAMOO - AZE GAG (아재개그) VAV - ABC (Middle of the Night) 4 comments July 5, 2017 at 6:29 pm jellypuffeu. Excited for the translation in english!! Log in to Reply. July 7, 2017 at 4:16 pm pikopika. Thank you for including the English translation! Log in to Reply. July 8, 2017 at 2:14 pm.

BTS LAB17 Best images about BTS New on Pinterest | Jade, KoreanCreate a BTS Map of the Soul: Persona songs Tier ListDIY K-pop Photocards😊 | K-Pop Amino
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