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Mossad (המוסד למודיעין ולתפקידים מיוחדים, haMosad leModi'in waLeTafkidim Mejuchadim?/i, Institut für Aufklärung und besondere Aufgaben, eigentlich Mosad Merkazi leModi'in uLeTafkidim Mejuchadim, Zentraler Nachrichten- und Sicherheitsdienst, kurz haMosad, das Institut) ist der israelische Auslandsgeheimdienst Headquarters of the Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations (also known as the Institute and, even more so, in the Hebrew term for Institute = 'Mossad').The Mossad (Hebrew: המוסד‎, Arabic: الموساد‎), short for HaMossad leModi'in uleTafkidim Meyuchadim (Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations) (Hebrew: המוסד למודיעין ולתפקידים.

Israel retrieves wristwatch of 1960s spy Eli Cohen from

For swift and safe contact, we recommend contacting us at email add ress Mossad@mail.gov.il or Face book messenger . Please include in the email all the personal details listed below. Please write only in Farsi, Arabic, or English. Messages in other languages will not be rea In journalist Patrick Tyler's 2012 book Fortress Israel, he located Mossad's headquarters as a partially hidden campus of low-slung office buildings sandwiched between the Glilot highway junction, a Cineplex, and a shopping center. The buildings seen above appear to fit the location and description, and the building at top is indeed a Cineplex, but it's not for certain whether it. In journalist Patrick Tyler's 2012 book Fortress Israel, he located Mossad's headquarters as a partially hidden campus of low-slung office buildings sandwiched between the Glilot highway junction. Odigo, like many Israeli software companies, is based and has its Research and Development (R&D) center in Herzliya, Israel, the small town north of Tel Aviv, which happens to be where Mossad's headquarters are located. Shortly after 9/11, Odigo was taken over by Comverse Technology, another Israeli company. Within a year, five executives.

ANOTHER FASCINATING saga explored by the report is the question of whether to move the Mossad headquarters from its long-standing location at Glilot. According to the report, starting in 2011, the. Revealing the funny side of the 'Mossad' Everyone in Israel wants to do dramas, said Gur Arye. So I wanted to do spoofs, parodies

At the head of the war room, under the Mossad chief, stands the head of Mossad's technology wing that leads all the activities. He is the direct representative of Cohen in the headquarters. Cohen himself visits once a day and heads a follow-up session that includes a summary and evaluation of the efforts made. The war room arose almost overnight in the Innovations Center of the Sheba. It added that Netanyahu conducts his most sensitive discussions in the offices of the Mossad intelligence service, because only there is he confident that he is safe from listening devices. Netanyahu's aides will tell you that he sometimes speaks in codes during discussions, the Channel 10 report said, and that even when it's not entirely clear what he means by the code name. T/I: 10:17:03 Israeli Mossad agent, Yehuda Gil, charged with fabricating spy reports on arch-foe Syria, appeared in Tel-Aviv district court on Thursday (8/1)..

You Better Watch Out You Dangerous Delusional Palestinians An elegant brown wooden pole, named The Mossad Rod, is respectfully stored in a closed room in the Mossad headquarters north of Tel Aviv. Displayed on one of its ends is the secret organization.

What ex-Mossad Chiefs Really Think About Targeted Killings . In rare interviews to mark the 70th anniversary of the organization's founding, three former directors shared their views on assassinations as a tool of national security, revealing who really called the shots . Yossi Melman. Published on 26.05.2020. Get email notification for articles from Yossi Melman Follow. Published on 26.05. Posts about Mossad Headquarters written by Bernd Pulch. BERNDPULCH.ORG - BERND-PULCH.ORG - Stasi Liste, KGB Liste, Stasi List, KGB Lis Operation Wooden Leg (Hebrew: מבצע רגל עץ ‎, Mivtza Regel Etz) was an attack by Israel on the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) headquarters in Hammam Chott, near Tunis, Tunisia, on October 1, 1985.With a target 1,280 miles (2,060 km) from the operation's starting point, this was the most distant publicly known action undertaken by the Israel Defense Forces since Operation.


Lecture by Dani Limor, Former Mossad Agent: Operation Moses: The First Covert Operation to Save Ethiopian Jewry Travel to Hakiriya, IDF Headquarters in Tel Aviv - HaKirya. Briefing by Igal Ostonovsky, Head of the Political Security Directorate at the Ministry of Defense; Dinner at Meatos, the finest restaurant in Tel Aviv The story: a small band of motivated smart-allecks buy a defunct dive resort as a cover and then, accidentally, make a success of it, bringing all kinds of characters into their midst, while drawing the ire of those in Mossad headquarters who become convinced they're just goofing off and having a big party. Meanwhile, first by the dozens and then by the hundreds, Ethiopian Jews are being. Mossad agents are active in the former communist countries, in the West, and at the UN. Mossad is headquartered in Tel Aviv. The staff of Mossad was estimated during the late 1980s to number between 1,500 to 2,000 personnel, with more recent estimates placing the staff at an estimated 1,200 personnel. The identity of the director of Mossad was traditionally a state secret, or at least not. If the mission is a failure, the Mossad's Director won't be able to fulfill his ambition of lighting one of the Independence Day torches on live TV, something that simply is inconceivable. Festival and Awards. 2019 Tallinn Black Night Film Festival - Official Selection 2020 Monte Carlo Film Festival - Official Selection Film details Category Features Running Time 95 Minutes Country. What the Mossad's female agents do — and don't do — for the sake of Israel Breaking cover, five high-ranking agents discuss the advantages they have as female spies, the dangers and costs.

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The Mossad tripled its recruitment, even launching a Web site where would-be spies can apply. And, security sources say, much of the agency's annual budget of some $350 million has been diverted from traditional intelligence gathering and analysis to field operations and special tasks. As someone who is privy to the facts, but is not at liberty to divulge them, I can say this with complete. Headquarters Tel Aviv, Israel: Employees 1,200 (est) Agency executive Tamir Pardo, Director Parent agency Office of the Prime Minister Website Official Website: Coordinates: 32°08′44″N 34°50′40″E  /  32.145494°N 34.844344°E  / possibly contains unsourced predictions, speculative material, or accounts of events that might not occur. Please help improve it by removing. Officials at Mossad headquarters near Tel Aviv were disappointed and recalled him in the summer of 2007. He was neither especially good nor especially bad, just mediocre, says a security. In 1965, three Mossad Agents cross into East Berlin to apprehend a notorious Nazi war criminal. Thirty years later, the secrets the Agents share come back to haunt them. Director: John Madden | Stars: Helen Mirren, Sam Worthington, Tom Wilkinson, Ciarán Hinds. Votes: 63,509 | Gross: $31.18

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  1. The Ha-Mosad le-Modi'in u-le-Tafkidim Meyuchadim (Hebrew: המוסד למודיעין ולתפקידים מיוחדים, The Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations), or Mossad (The Institute) is Israel's intelligence agency, with headquarters in Tel Aviv.Their motto is Proverbs 11:14- For lack of guidance a nation falls, but many advisers make victory sure
  2. Odigo had its U.S. headquarters two blocks from the WTC. The Odigo employees, however, did not pass the warning on to the authorities in New York City, a move that could have saved thousands of lives. Odigo has a feature called People Finder that allows users to seek out and contact others based on certain demographics, such as Israeli nationality. Two weeks after 9/11, Alex Diamandis, Odigo's.
  3. Headquarters: Tel Aviv, Israel. Mossad is considered the godfather of all intelligence agencies in the world. It has been a part of some of the most daring undercover operations. Mossad is one of the most successful Intelligence agency in the world. It helped the US in supporting Solidarity. The agency employed their agents and spies and killed all the suspected conspirators. 03. SIS- Secret.
  4. This is how Mossad was able to gain access from its Bethesda headquarters. Note Mossad agents at the FBI closed down the Anthrax attack once Bruce Ivins was identified as a a suspect and suicided. Read the Quitam case from the FBI agent who ran the investigation and then sued the US government for trying to kill the investigation. The agent's name is Richard Lee Lambert. Mossad controls the.
  5. The sources noted that there are visible signs of the physical expansion of the Mossad headquarters north of Tel Aviv to accommodate new staff. One senior official told Haaretz that intelligence operations now require more resources than before, adding that the payback on the investment greatly outweighs what is spent. Most of the growth in personnel at the two agencies has been for staff.

The Afghan RAM, the Isreali Mossad and the KGB is also used to bomb Pakistan. The current headquarters of the BLA is in Tel Aviv. Some of the bombings in Pakistan have been the work of RAW affiliates or surrogates, while most bombings have either been conduced by RAW agents, or other intelligence agencies of India. Of course Pakistan is not the only country that has faced Indian attacks. All. Mossad (the word means Institute in Hebrew) is so covert that the location of its headquarters is a state secret and its website doesn't list any phone numbers. The agency has only ever had 11. Mossad director Yossi Cohen presented it to Cohen's family in a ceremony, and it is currently on display at Mossad headquarters. Legacy. Cohen has become a national hero in Israel, and many streets and neighborhoods have been named for him. Prime. Protestors outside the headquarters of the Tel Aviv District Israel Police, on September 29, 2020. (Tomer Neuberg/Flash90) Mossad chief visited Bahrain, met security chiefs — report. Yossi.

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United States section. I have removed the paragraph listed below from the United States alleged operations page. Shortly before the September 11 attacks, the Mossad warned the FBI and CIASeptember 11 attacks, the Mossad warned the FBI and CI Addeddate 2014-12-17 06:01:13 Identifier pdfy-kxJuN00KtPU1iooO Identifier-ark ark:/13960/t1ck1fj1r Ocr ABBYY FineReader 9.0 Ppi 300 Scanner Internet Archive Python library 0.6. Mossad was known to have conducted covert operations to acquire nuclear material, including one alleged open-water transfer. When the US Atomic Energy Commission realized that 90 kilograms (200 lb) of uranium had disappeared without explanation in 1965, US intelligence agencies became convinced that it had been illicitly transported to Israel's Dimona nuclear reactor. Despite the ongoing. <puts Mission Impossible theme on repeat, starts typing> The answer is that there's no easy (or even single) answer to this question: First of all, almost by definition of security clearance mechanics, you'd be hard pressed to find someone who k..

  1. The Mossad, of course, has loomed large in fiction. One of the biggest myths, depicted in Steven Spielberg's 2005 film Munich, was that its agents hunted down and assassinated the Palestinians who.
  2. Mossad organized an attack on PLO headquarters in Tunisia that killed 56 Palestinian citizens. Mordechai Vanunu was kidnapped from Rome by the agency in September 1986. He was an Israeli citizen who informed western media about Israel s covert nuclear program. The agency failed to assassinate Saddam Hussein in 1991. It suffered several failures in 1997. Most notably the assassination attempt.
  3. He says a company within Mossad headquarters is dedicated to forging passports. They create various types of papers, every kind of ink. It's a very, very expensive research department, he said
  4. Ghislaine Maxwell's private Mossad submarine did my head in. ︎ 107 ︎ r/Qult_Headquarters ︎ 28 comments ︎ u/kittybikes47 ︎ Jun 13 ︎ report The Mossad elite parody division are absolute savages. If you're on Twitter give them a follow..
  5. When new Mossad recruits are plunged into a harrowing chase on their first day, psychologist Abigail worries course commander Yona has gone too far. 2. No One Will Get Hurt Part 2 41m. As tensions flare at the casino, Avsha puts his special skill to use. At daybreak, the groups race to find a way to the well-fortified meeting spot. 3. Cover Stories 40m. Sent out in the world to test their.
  6. utes ago. Alleged Mossad Headquarters [32°08'39.8N 34°48'15.4E] Agency. 0 comments. share. save hide report. 100% Upvoted. Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in.

mossad agents 74. spy 73. kunzle 73. haaretz 73. tel aviv 71. headquarters 68. dagan 66. israelis 65. terrorists 65. jerusalem 64. mughniyeh 63. prime minister 63. terrorist 61. cohen 60. cia 59. marwan 59. amit 57. missiles 57. gurion 56. dubai 54. eitan 54. zamir 54. yossele 53. buenos aires 52. mabhouh 49. passport 48. beirut 47. embassy 47. palestinian 46. lebanon 45. zvi 44. sudan 44. Mossad (Hebrew for 'institute') is an Israeli intelligence service.It is responsible for human intelligence collection, covert action, and counterterrorism.The headquarters is located in Tel Aviv, with an estimated staff of 1,200 agents.Mossad was formed on April 1, 1951, established by then Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion.The identity of the director was kept secret, until March, 1996 when.

Headquarters: Tel Aviv. Founded: 1949. Mossad is like the godfather of all intelligence agencies. The agency has been a part of some of the most daring undercover operations the world has ever. Mossad recruitment, training and control of agents varies widely, depending upon the target area of operation and the desk in headquarters. While there is a certain amount of standardization in the handling of operations, Israeli intelligence officers appear to have considerable freedom in running operations It is set in Mossad's headquarters in Israel, and features the supposed leaders of the Israeli spy agency — portrayed as bearded, sidecurl-sporting caricatures of Orthodox Jews — as they.

Mossad headquarters does not disseminate agents reports to all customer agencies. The overwhelming bulk of the reports goes to one specific analytical unit, for example, usually reports on Arab affairs are sent to Military Intelligence, counterintelligence reports to Shin Beth. However, an exceptional agent report is disseminated to Israeli policymakers. The Mossad intelligence officer abroad. They rarely interact with other operatives and stay away from Mossad headquarters north of Tel Aviv, instead undergoing intensive training at a separate facility to which no one else in the agency. The van parked at the back of an apartment building on Al Jamhuriyh Street in Tripoli, less than three blocks away from the Bab al Azizia barracks that were known to house Qadhafi's headquarters and residence. By then, the men in the van had changed into civilian clothing. Two stayed with the van as lookouts and the other two helped the Mossad combatant take the cylinder to the top floor of.

How I escaped Mossad's clutches. Israel's secret intelligence service is ruthless but reckless because it doesn't care about international opinion, says Peter Hounam, who was imprisoned by them Eliezer (Ge'isi) Tsafrir (hebräisch אליעזר גייזי צפריר; * 1933 im Iran) ist ein israelischer Autor kurdischer Abstammung. Er war Mitarbeiter des israelischen Auslandsgeheimdienstes Mossad und wurde durch verschiedene Aussagen und Berichte zu geheimen Aktivitäten des Mossad im Nordirak und Iran bekannt. Er gilt als Experte zur Frage der Haltung des iranischen Volkes. Anyone seen the Mossad headquarters? If so, Brief description? I imagine a tall modern building with discreet security, set in a green academic park with a view over a grassy lawn and trees, blue sea in the distance. Or am I being overly romantic? Answer Save. 5 Answers. Relevance. Chief BaggageSmasher. Lv 7. 1 decade ago. Favourite answer. It is a very nondescript, older building in Tel Aviv. In April 2011, on the 50th anniversary of the opening of Eichmann's trial, Mossad curator Avraham debuted his exhibit about the Eichmann capture in the Mossad headquarters. To prepare for the. To protect their secret from the local staff, the agents made the diving storeroom—where the agents had set up their concealed radios to communicate with Mossad's Tel Aviv headquarters.

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Mossad Headquarters: Tali had not heard from Ziva for two months since she had gone on a mission. She was starting to worry. She barged into her abbas (fathers) office. (Conversation in Arabic) Shalom, Tali He greeted his youngest daughter. Shalom, Abba. Have you heard from Ziva? She has not contacted me and she said she would give weekly reports. It has been two months. I- Tali I am sure. Mossad's licence to kill . The killing of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh bears the hallmarks of the ruthless Israeli intelligence service. One of the leading chroniclers of the agency gives a unique insight. When Mr. Ross was recruited from Israel's military to become a spy, he was sequestered and trained one-on-one in a safe-house for 18 months, never visiting the Mossad headquarters north of Tel. Mossad headquarters were obviously not aware of the clear and present danger caused by the tripartite meeting. Otherwise, they would have directed Eli Cohen to drop everything and take the first train to Beirut. US intelligence documents indicate that Majeed Sheikh al-Ard, who once served as an informant for the Americans, tried to continue to be of use to them. He continued to transmit.

At Mossad headquarters he works through the night on a 3-D map, placing a pin at the exact spot for each one. The Mossad director, presented sympathetically, acknowledges his superb work but begs him never to return to Syria. Cohen, however, convinced he can do more for his country, returns to Damascus, where he is soon arrested, tortured, and hanged. Wracked by conflicting emotions, Haled. WASHINGTON: The US administration warned Thursday that it would not tolerate attacks on American interests in Iraq by Iran-backed militias, as Baghdad worries about a possible US withdrawal. We. Osama bin Laden made a Red Sea diving resort in Sudan - set up the Mossad in 1985 - his base six years after Israel's network of secret spies had left, having spirited 7,054 Etheopian Jews to Israel A smiling woman has a bigger chance of success, Yael, a Mossad agent, tells Lady Globes.Efrat, another agent, said that operatives often use their femininity to get ahead because any means is valid, while emphasizing that there are lengths that Mossad's female agents will not go to. But even if we think that the way to advance the mission is to sleep with [Iranian President Mahmoud.

Security cabinet pays visit to Mossad headquarters Ministers Lapid, Bennett, Livni, Erdan are given intelligence briefing at headquarters of secret agency Itamar Eichner | Published: 04.23.13 , 19:1 Posts about Mossad Greatest Operations written by Bernd Pulch. Skip to content. BERNDPULCH.ORG - BERND-PULCH.ORG - Stasi Liste, KGB Liste, Stasi List, KGB List BERND PULCH, STASI LIST, KGB LIST, STASI LISTE, KGB Liste, Stasi Namen, Stasi Namen alphabetisch, Offshore List, Offshore Liste, Leaks List, Leaks Liste. Search for: Recent Posts. Revealed - World Health Organization-China Joint. CIA is the nation's premier agency providing global intelligence in an ever-changing political, social, economic, technological, & military landscapes. Our mission is straightforward but critical: protect America's national security. We collect valuable foreign intelligence, conduct timely analysis, & execute effective covert actions

It was the secure line that connected directly to Mossad headquarters. Doubts have arisen, said the voice on the line, with embarrassment. Mossad had other sources who insisted that Arafat. The National Cyber Security Center, part of the country's Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) and in close collaboration with the M16, were forced to edit Huawei's code to remove the products from British telecoms and existing 5G networks. Rumour has it that the country endured a close call with a network outage. As its efforts to put the government on guard went unrecognized. Mossad had priority over all the country's military agencies for such an operation. Images were downloaded and studied by photo interpreters in the Kirya, the IDF headquarters in Tel Aviv, looking. 2.Mossad. Headquarters: Tel Aviv, Israel. Founded: 1949. Mossad has been a part of some of the most daring undercover operations in the world. Thisspecial operation and foreign intelligence agency. US mission in Baghdad serves as Mossad, Daesh headquarters: Iraqi MP. Press TV . A senior Iraqi parliamentarian warns that the US embassy in Baghdad is involved in suspicious activities, saying agents of the Israeli spy agency Mossad and the Daesh terrorist group have been spotted regularly visiting the diplomatic mission. The US embassy in Baghdad has turned into a center for Israel.

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— The Mossad does not list the address of its headquarters or any telephone numbers. It does not say how may people it employs. Only the identity of its director can be disclosed under Israeli. From its headquarters in the Israeli capital of Tel Aviv, Mossad oversees a staff estimated at approximately 1,200 personnel in the mid-1990s. It is assumed to consist of eight departments, of which the largest is Collections, tasked with espionage overseas. Officers in the Collections Department operate under a variety of covers, some diplomatic. The Political Action and Liaison Department is. On December 19, 1968, a Mossad team smuggled Fatkhi across the River Jordan, from where he was supposed to infiltrate Arafat's headquarters. Then they waited. Five hours later, news came. Fatkhi had wasted no time. He had gone straight to a police station and accused Mossad of trying to brainwash him. The operation was an abject failure

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The Mossad is cold, calculated and ruthless when it comes to killing, but the world's most feared national intelligence agency is rarely reckless When the current director, General Meir Dagan, was appointed in September 2002, he rehired Hadas to fill the No 3 position at Mossad, responsible for non-operational units and long-term planning (Dagan had restructured Mossad into two halves, operational directorate and Hadas' headquarters directorate). Hadas is now hoping to replace the current deputy director, Tamir Fredo - with other.

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The Mossad is the national intelligence agency of Israel. It is one of the main entities in the Israeli Intelligence Community, along with Aman (military intelligence) and Shin Bet (internal security). The Mossad symbol contain the Jewish symbol Menorah, and the following text in hebrew: Where no counsel is, the people fall, but in the multitude of counselors there is safety. -- from. Addeddate 2019-03-09 01:19:09 Identifier TrumpControlledByMossadPartsIII_201903 Identifier-ark ark:/13960/t5s82ww5n Ocr ABBYY FineReader 11.0 (Extended OCR Press TV: US Mission in Baghdad Serves as ISIS-Mossad Headquarters. By. PressTV - Iran-July 15, 2019. 1. 2847. Share. Twitter. Pinterest. WhatsApp. Linkedin. ReddIt. Email. Print. Tumblr. Digg. A senior Iraqi parliamentarian warns that the US embassy in Baghdad is involved in suspicious activities, saying agents of the Israeli spy agency Mossad and the Daesh terrorist group have been.

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Welcome to the CIA's Headquarters virtual tour. Here, you'll be able to take an unprecedented look inside the CIA. You'll see sights such as our Memorial Wall, the Bubble, our Presidents' and Directors' galleries, and more. It's a unique opportunity to learn more about us. Come inside Mossad's licence to kill The killing of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh bears the hallmarks of the ruthless Israeli intelligence service. One of the leading chroniclers of the agency gives a unique insight into its methods. By Gordon Thomas 7:15AM GMT 17 Feb 2010. The Mossad assassins could have felt only satisfaction when the news broke that they had succeeded in killing Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, a top Hamas. Mossad From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation , search For the organization that coordinated pre-state Jewish im... Petition to Mrs Irina Bokova , General Director of Unesc Following are facts about one of Israel's most secretive organizations as listed by the Mossad itself on its website: The Hebrew word, Mossad, means institute, and the agency's full. Ha-Mosad le-Modi'in u-le-Tafkidim Meyuhadim (help · info) (Hebrew: המוסד למודיעין ולתפקידים מיוחדים, The Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations, often referred to as The Mossad, meaning The Institute) is Israel 's intelligence agency and is responsible for intelligence collection, counter-terrorism, covert operations such as paramilitary activities, and.

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Herzliya also happens to be the home of the Mossad Headquarters. Odigo was later acquired by another Israeli company called Comverse. The CEO of Comverse was Kobi Alexander a dual Israeli-US passport holder, spooky businessman and convicted fraudster. ZIM forewarning. ZIM, an Israeli company, vacated its office (10,000 square feet) in the North WTC tower a week before 9/11, breaking its lease. Headquarter of R&AW is in New Delhi. The head of RAW reports directly to the Prime Minister. MOSSAD: Mossad is Israel's foreign intelligence agency. Mossad's primary function is to gathering intelligence, covert operations and counterterrorism.Israel's intelligence agency is exempt from the basic law of Israel. Just like RAW, the activities of Mossad is kept secrete.Its director reports.

INTERPOL enables police in our 194 member countries to work together to fight international crime From the book and other sources it is understood that Kidon is so compartmentalized that its office is not inside the Mossad headquarters. Kidon combatants - who dubbed themselves The Team. In the late 1980s, artist Jim Sanborn was commissioned to create a sculpture to be displayed at CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia. Knowing some of the world's top intelligence officials would.

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Mossad (המוסד למודיעין ולתפקידים מיוחדים Institut für Aufklärung und besondere Aufgaben, eigentlich Mosad Merkazi leModi'in uLeTafkidim Mejuchadim, Zentraler Nachrichten- und Sicherheitsdienst, kurz haMosad, das Institut) ist der israelische Auslandsgeheimdienst. 157 Beziehungen Jack Guez (AFP/File) Israeli co-leader of the Zionist Union MP Tzipi Livni talks on the phone with citizens to try to convince them to vote for them, at the party headquarters in the Israeli. On the falcon's return to Mossad headquarters in Tel Aviv, where it was debriefed by Uri Geller, kestrel 32564 was awarded Israel's highest military honour, the Medal of Valour! In 2010 an Egyptian official said Israel-controlled SHARKS could be involved in a number of tourist attacks in the Red Sea, and in December last year an EAGLE carrying an Israeli tag was touted as a Mossad spy in. Mossad Founded in 1949, the Mossad is one of Israel's three main intelligence agencies and focuses on collecting and analyzing foreign intelligence and conducting covert operations

Mossad, Netanyahu's secret weapon against the coronaviru

In January 2011, on the last day of his tenure, he invited a group of journalists, including me, to Mossad headquarters and, in an unprecedented move—and to our astonishment— lashed out. Nahum Admoni was the sixth Director of the Mossad, and served from 1982-1989.He was born in Jerusalem in 1929, to Elimelech and Sima Admoni.. Admoni was recruited into the Haganah in 1946, and was assigned to Shai (the Haganah's information service). He then enlisted in a preparation camp for the Palmach, and continued his service in Shai.Upon the establishment of the State of Israel, he.

Spies, Intelligence and Espionage News. Agencies of interest: CIA, FSB, KGB, Stasi, Mossad, NSA, NRO, FBI, GCHQ, ASIS, Military Intelligence,.. On 22 July 1946, the Irgun bombed the King David Hotel in Jerusalem, which housed British officials and the headquarters of the British Army in Palestine. 91 people died. The Zionists like to carry out their attacks on the 22 nd day of any month. In November 1944 the Stern Gang assassinated the British government minister Lord Moyne. In March 1947, Irgun bombed the Colonial Club in London. In.

Finale Operation: The capture of Adolf Eichmann

Egypt is poised to launch its first integrated and long-term National Human Rights Strategy, to promote fundamental rights and freedoms. The announcement came on Saturday evening, during a meeting. Mossad assassinations were a relatively minor focus of Ostrovsky's 1990 book, but it is interesting to compare those handful of examples to the many hundreds of lethal incidents covered by Bergman. Some of the differences in detail and coverage seem to follow a pattern. For example, Ostrovsky's opening chapter described the subtle means by which Israel pierced the security of Saddam. In the middle of CIA headquarters, there sits a sculpture that contains a secret code that has stumped top cryptologists for decades. In the late 1980s, artist Jim Sanborn was commissioned to. Mossad head Yossi Cohen briefed government ministers Sunday on developments in the region - and those developments were not necessarily panning out in Israel's favor, Cohen told ministers

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